Monday, 19 November 2012

Maid for the Billionaire by Ruth Cardello

I have usually heard about all the novels I read before I read them- whether they are recommended by a friend or are simply in the book chart I am not the type of person to just buy anything!

However, after my old phone decided to pack up I decided to go for an iPhone! After messing about for hours getting new apps and installing quirky features I came across iBooks! I downloaded any books or sample chapters that were free. This led me to this week’s book which was in free for the full version!
It was only 200 or so pages long and the plot is not complicated but simple and for an easy read.
School teacher, Abby meets billionaire Dom, when cleaning his apartment in Boston, which she is covering for her sister. From the off the sexual tension is high, after inviting her to accompany him to a meeting the following day – Abby decides to live life on the wild side for once.
After the following day, Abby finds herself in China’s capital, Beijing. Dom decides if he can’t stay in Boston with her she must accompany him to his business meetings.
Will Dom risk his business to win Abby over? Or will his business prove to be more important that pleasure?

Rating 2*- Very cheesy- you have got to be in a mood where you will cringe at the very romantic, (maybe tacky is a better word) and unrealistic ending. I have to admit though, I did enjoy this book, although I think that was partly because it was free, but also because of all the hard hitting horror novels I have been reading recently. This novel presented an idealist world where you would never have to worry about money. Essentially this is just another Fifty Shades novel- which, although is not as graphic, hits the spot (pardon the pun) when you want a light romantic read!

It is part of a trilogy (most books seem to be today) and sadly the other novels that follow are not free. Needless to say, I don’t think I shall be purchasing them.


  1. LOVE this book and the whole series!!!

  2. I loved this book. Ruth Cardello did and amazing job on the story.

  3. Love this book! Ruth has a great writing style. <3 Andrea

  4. Love this book. Great start to an AWESOME series