Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

‘If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey you’ll love Bared to You’

‘Bared to You’ was declared Penguin Book’s fastest selling paperback of the decade

Replace Ana for Eva and Christian for Gideon and you’ve got ‘Bared to You’ in a nut shell.

Gideon is a self-made millionaire and bachelor living in New York. When he meets Eva he soon learns he is not the only one who has commitment issues- and although Eva wants more, her past is holding her back.

As the beautiful and brilliant Gideon attempts to wow Eva, he realises he steps over a line he was unwilling to cross… can he and Eva get over their mysterious pasts and move on together?

This is the first novel in a trilogy by Sylvia Day, with the final Crossfire novels titled ‘Reflected to You’ and ‘Entwined with You’ –which are due to be realised in the future.

Rating 3* -Compared to ‘Fifty Shades’ the novel’s style is more sophisticated. The writing style is not quite as repetitive as E.L James- although it does have some aspects which are very alike. The tag line ‘if you enjoyed fifty…’ is very true. ‘Bared to You’ very similar, in fact it has the exact same story line- minus and adding a few details.

I did enjoy the novel, it was a better read than ‘Fifty Shades’, however I wasn’t prepared for it to be exactly the same. I have a feeling this genre has run its course and it won’t be until the film adaptation of ‘Fifty’ comes out for the hype to return.

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